The Town of Sandpoint Needs you!

Welcome to’s Rise of the Runelords campaign using the Pathfinder RPG. This adventure is a rather straightforward fantasy campaign set in the Pathfinder Campaign setting of Golarion. I would suggest looking up the Player’s Guide as well as the player resource Varisia: Birthplace of Legends

Character Creation Rules

We will start at level one using the following stat spread: 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8. You may move 2 points to another stat, as long as you don’t go over 18 before racial modifiers.

All races, classes, and archetypes are available, but I will need to approve the concept first.

Your character should have some kind of flaw in mind. Think something like one of the seven deadly sins. Is your character prone to anger? Is your character lecherous? is your character lazy? Don’t let this dominate your character, but let it be a part of them

Rise of the Runelords (RPHaven)

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