Rise of the Runelords (RPHaven)

Arken talks to Ameiko about Nualia

Arken walks up to Ameiko’s door, and pauses for a moment before knocking softly.
Ameiko opens the door and steps aside. “So, yeah, you wanted to talk up here, what’s it about?”
Arken: “It’s about some of the stuff going on. It’s been a bit of a mess lately.”
Ameiko motions her over to sit down at the bed. “Go ahead, shoot.” She said closing the door behind her.
Arken walks in slowly, not really sure what to do with herself, before finally sitting down. “Well we did some investigating and we uh, think we know who started that raid during the festival.” she pauses before answering, not sure how to tell her. “It was uh, Nualia.”
Ameiko: "Nualia? the preacher’s daughter?
Arken: “Yes… it looks like she isn’t dead after all. I wish that were actually good news.”
Ameiko: "Why the hell would she be raising a goblin army?
Arken: “Well we’re not sure, but it looks like she’s worshiping L-Lamashtu.”
Ameiko: “Tsh, well that means she’s nothing but trouble. Lamashtan people are as crazy as they come.”
Arken: “Y-Yeah, well apparently she’s behind this whole thing: the raid, the caves under the glassworks, it’s pretty bad.”
Ameiko: “Sounds like it. so, you guys going to go stop her, I take it?”
Arken: “Yeah, we are going to go to her hideout in the morning and . . . take care of it I guess.”
Ameiko nods, “You want to know how to handle her, huh?”
Arken: “It’s not that, I mean I understand the fighting part,” she says looking away “That’s the easy part.”
Ameiko: “Well come on, Arke, what’s wrong?” she places a hand on her shoulder.
Arken: “It’s just, she’s the only one I’ve ever known like me, and I thought she died, but now she’s alive, and she’s also worshiping Lamashtu and trying to destroy the town? I don’t know how to reconcile any of that . . . I thought I could trust her to be good.”
Ameiko: “I didn’t know Nualia too well. Form what I gathered, she was pretty much worshiped by the town, especially the Varisian-folk. Were the two of you… close?”
Arken: “No, I guess I didn’t know her that well. Her father did try to shelter her from people a lot. I guess it makes sense, looking back now. I guess I was just happy knowing I wasn’t alone.”
Ameiko: “So you don’t want to hurt her because she’s the only other Aasimar you’ve ever known, huh? Yeah, I guess I could understand that. Not really sure if you can reason with someone worshiping Lamashtu, though. Might be able to take her in or something…”
Arken: “I don’t know that that’s better though. I don’t think she’ll come quietly, according to Tsuto sh- sorry.”
Ameiko grits her teeth. “Wait… so she… it was her? She’s responsible for what happened to my family? You’re a better person for me if you’re having trouble with this, Arke. Show me where she is, and I’ll stab my sword right through her heart! That’ll make things easy for you.”
Arken: “No, I don’t want to risk losing you! … I’ll do it.”
Ameiko: “Arke…” she takes a deep breath. “Suppose I should leave things to the new adventurers, but… You can’t go and do something stupid, I mean…” she reaches out and tugs at Arken’s leopard-clawed outfit “Looks like you had a close call already.”
Arken gets up and hugs Ameiko tightly. “It’s alright, I won’t let her hurt anyone anymore. If I can do that, I don’t care how it happens.”
Ameiko gasps but soon places her arms around Arken’s back. “Just promise that whatever you decide… don’t let it change who you are. I lost enough family already to the decisions they made and what it did to them.”
Arken: “I won’t. I promise.”
Ameiko: “Y…you’d better not break that promise,” she pauses, then said “or you’ll have me to answer to.”
Arken laughs a little “I promise. I’ll always be me.”
Ameiko: “Good” she said “now get yourself some new clothes and I’ll get ya dinner if you want.” she said, play punching Arken in the arm.
Arken: “Alright, I’ll go change before I go downstairs.” she says, before heading off to her room. She stops at the door for a moment. “Thanks, I’m glad I could talk to you about this.”
Ameiko: “hey, any time. That’s what friends are for, right?”
Arken: “Right, I’ll be downstairs soon, and I can help with dinner. I just need to check in on Taru first.”



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