Rise of the Runelords (RPHaven)

From the Diary of Shayliss Vinder

Father has been asking people lately all about that fiance of mine, seeing as he hasn’t come knocking on my door or anything recently. I know that he’s an adventurer and a hero, so he has so many important things to do. I can’t believe the catch I made, though. Most of those heroes were so monstrous or not my type, it was a gamble to see if the only human man in the bunch was any attractive, but you know what? he was, and did he know how to “clean them rats” good. Who knew older men could be so good at it? I told Katrine Vinder about that tryst, and she just rolled her eyes and said she was fine enough wiithBanny Harker over at the mill. Of course, the two are always going at it and keeping that mill running at night so that no one can hear them, but keeping up half the town!

ah, but I’m getting bored. Ionor better show up again soon, or I might just have to find some other way to entertain myself. Hm… he’s a druid, they’re probably ok with an open relationship, right? Free love and one with nature and all that. Maybe going into his forest to live among nature might be fun. I’ve read about the wild parties they have out in the woods. Anything is better than boring old Sandpoint.

Sometimes I wish something crazy happened around here…



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