Rise of the Runelords (RPHaven)

Ionor's Trip to Madame Mvasthi

Ionor approaches the old manor house where Madame Mvashti lives.
The old house is as he left it the last time he visited, old, but retaining a sort of beauty to it.

Ionor calmly raps his staff against the manor door

Ionor: “Madame Mvashti? It is I, Ionor.”

The door opens, and her daughter stands before you. She smiles and lets you in. “I was beginning to wonder if you would actually show up.” She ushers you inside.

Ionor: “You have my apologies, I got a little wrapped up in some foolish business. Is the madame well?”

Ionor makes his way into the manor, letting down his hood.

Madame Mvashti’s voice rises up from an adjoining room. “You can ask me yourself, you know.” She asks with a little laugh in her voice.

Ionor: Ah, but then who would talk to your lovely daughter?

Ionor heads to the room where the voice is coming from

Madame Mvashti sits at her large chair. Her table covered in cards. “Better be careful where your wandering eye leads you, young one. It may lead you into danger.”

Ionor: “Come now, you know My eyes wander almost as much as my legs do, and I’m still more or less in one piece.”

Ionor lets out a laugh and sits opposite of Madame Mvashti.

Madame Mvashti: “So, are you going to tell me why you’ve come to visit after spending so much time with your new friends?”

Ionor: “Ah, my ‘new friends’. I seem to have gotten myself wrapped up into some foolishness in this trip, haven’t I? Regardless, to get to the point, I bring grim tidings and questions.”

Ionor’s face takes a somber expression.

Madame Mvasthi: “Then please, give them.” She says, shuffling her cards a bit.

Ionor: “There seems to be more to this goblin attack than meets the eye. The little ones appear to have someone larger in their ranks most likely leading them, and what’s more, the corpse of Ezakien Tobyn has been taken.”

Madame Mvasthi: “Ah, Tobyn, I see. That is grim, indeed.”

Madame Mvasthi: you wish to know who is responsible?

Madame Mvasthi: Ask your question yourself, so we may seek what is hidden."

Ionor: “Mhmm, I fear there may be a necromancer in our midst. I ask you for insight in this matter. Do you know who could possibly be behind this?”

Madame Mvasthi: “Oh, you are asking me and my knowledge?” She casually plays with her cards, leaning back and looking up. “Hm… this land is old, and there are many things people don’t understand.”

Madame Mvasthi: “Though I can’t say for certain who would be behind this act. There are many who could have done it, for many reasons.”

Madame Mvasthi: “The only way we can peer into the unseen is through the cards…” she says, holding up her deck. “Shall you pose your question again, but to them?”

Ionor: “I suppose I have no choice then. Who is responsible for these actions?”

Madame Mvasthi: “First we will use strength, for our question focuses on the battle and its true motives…”

She spreads out nine cards before Ionor

Ionor picks up the fourth card

Madame Mvasthi: “You are the Forge.”

Madame Mvasthi: “you evoke strength through great diversity, Ionor. You have the ability to withstand great trials, but your heat may burn those around you.”

Ionor: “Hmm…I see.”

Madame Mvasthi: “Now then…” She takes the card and the other 8 and shuffle them

She shuffles and spreads them out in a 9×9 grid

Madame Mvasthi: “They are as follows:”

Madame Mvasthi: “The Brass Dwarf, The Liar, The Mountain Man.”

Madame Mvasthi: “The Demon’s Lantern, The Carnival, The Juggler.”

Madame Mvasthi: “The Survivor, The Owl, The Dance.”

She looks over those cards, determining what each mean

Madame Mvasthi: “I see in the past someone who was invulnerable to troubles that were around him, though it was only through hiding what was actually there…”

Madame Mvasthi: “Someone was led astray by this lie… like the man in the demon’s lantern.”

Madame Mvasthi: “And from that dark time, someone survived, though for good or ill, I cannot tell.”

Madame Mvasthi: “I see today that there will be a liar, a love, a temptation, perhaps for the one who stole the bones?”

Madame Mvasthi: “The carnival shows an illusion, usually arcane, but perhaps the wool is covering over your eyes?”

Ionor starts unconsciously stroking his beard as he tries to make sense of the divination

Madame Mvasthi: “Great wisdom comes to you” she chuckles “Maybe my reading will lead you the right way? or allow you to think of the answer?”

Madame Mvasthi: “And now, the future.”

Ionor: “Always the most troubling part.”

Madame Mvasthi: “You will face something outside your control, an army, an authority?”

Madame Mvasthi: “You will be juggled by fate, intertwined in the machinations of the gods.”

Madame Mvasthi: “And finally..” She taps the dance

Madame Mvasthi: “The dance is of order and of good, its movements governing the world, but…”

Madame Mvasthi: "I’m afraid what dance is happening is not for the good of all, but for their ruin.

Madame Mvasthi: “That is what the cards tell me.”

Ionor: “Cryptic as always, but I thank you none the less. I shall ponder what the cards have shown later, but for now, shall we begin our walk?”

Madame Mvasthi: “Why certainly.” she said, holding her hand out for him.



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