Rise of the Runelords (RPHaven)


As expected, there were no witnesses to the missing carriage at Sandpoint, though I do not doubt that little secret will be making its rounds in the proper circles so as to not arouse any panic among the populace. In fact I would very much like to keep an eye on the Tiefling. Reports show that she’s quite ruthless, yet before me was a quivering pile of nerves, hardly the expert interrogator I was told she was. Nevertheless, from what information we extracted from Tsuto, I don’t doubt she is quite capable.

In all honesty, her prime vice appears to be in her self-centeredness, as I had a feeling she spoke to me in order to gain favor for some reason. That reason I can only speculate, though if its for the reason I surmise, she may be of use to my goals in shaping Magnimar’s future for the better. I mentioned that she would be an invaluable ally, and I mean that, but I need to coax her out of that shell of hers and get her to treat all lawbreakers with the passion she showed in breaking Tsuto’s will.



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