Rise of the Runelords (RPHaven)

Taru Attempts to Interrogate Tsuto "Hannibal" Kaijitsu

And fails miserably

Taru heads towards the jail house with determination
Vachedi sees Taru entering into the garrison and nods
Vachedi: “Here to see the prisoner again?”
Taru: “Unfortunately.”
Vachedi nods and shows you down the way into the lower level

Tsuto lays in his cot
Taru: “Tsuto.”
Tsuto: “‘Bookworm,’ that’s what they call you, right?”
Taru: “What of it?”
Tsuto: “Nothing”
Tsuto shrugs, “Read through my journal, I suspect”
Taru: “Well, yes. It had information about the raid. And that quasit. And Nualia.”
Tsuto: “You appreciate the art, bookworm?”
Taru: “N-no, and you really shouldn’t be doing that… you’re trying to distract me!”
Tsuto: “Seems to be working, isn’t it?” He sits up on his cot, looking her in the eyes. “What do you like best about this town?”
Taru: “What do you mean?”
Tsuto: “You have to have some kind of reason to want to protect this place so much. What do you care about Sandpoint?”
Taru: “Why do you care? You want to destroy it regardless of what I think.”
Tsuto shrugs, “Well at least I have a reason to destroy it. You don’t seem to have a reason to preserve it.”
Taru: “If you must know, it’s because there’s a bookstore I particularly like here.”
Tsuto: “A bookstore? Of course a bookworm would want to preserve the store.”
Taru: “Shut up! You say that like it’s a bad thing, and it isn’t. You just want to destroy Sandpoint because of some angel-blooded hussy.”
Tsuto stands up and grabs his bars. “Do you know what it’s like, to be hated by the only family you had, abandoned by your birth father, thrown away as a secret shame?”
Taru: “You had a family.”
Tsuto: “And every one of them who didn’t die abandoned me.”
Taru: “You had Ameiko, and I find it hard to believe someone that dumb blond gets along so well with would abandon someone.”
Tsuto: “I asked her to join me. I got rid of the man who caused us so much grief. I offered her a chance to destroy everything he stood for! I thought she would agree with me, because he was the one who killed our mother!”
Taru: “Because it’s all about what TSUTO wants and what TSUTO needs, isn’t it?! You callous pig! Maybe Ameiko didn’t want you to kill her father! Maybe she just wanted to live in peace!”
Tsuto: Well, she’s not getting that now, is she?"
Taru: “No thanks to you.”
Tsuto: “No thanks to this town!”
Taru: “No thanks to your conceit!”
Tsuto: “This place has ruined many lives.”
Taru: “You don’t see me trying to burn town Magnimar because of a few bad people, do you?”
Tsuto: “You should be old enough to know about the Late Unpleasantness. When my mother was killed, dashed upon the rocks on the coast. When a man who was so unassuming killed… when Nu-”
Tsuto clams up
Taru: “When Nu-who?”
Tsuto: “I don’t have to say anything else”
Taru: “So you’re just going to build up tension only to let the audience down? I guess that’s why your story’s ended.”
Tsuto: “No, I’m just waiting for the climax. And it’s going to come when this place is nothing but ash.”
Taru: “Well, news for you. We talked with your little goblin friend, and it turns out Nualia isn’t just with you.”
Tsuto: “You lie!”
Taru: “Gogmurt didn’t lie, that’s for certain.”
Tsuto runs up to the door again
Tsuto: “Gog…”
Taru: “How did he describe it? Like ‘donkeys going at it in the woods’?”
Taru stays put in front of the iron bars, “But of course your precious Aasimar would never be so… unfaithful.”
Tsuto: “That little… one of those goblins watched us!?”
Taru: “And others, too.”
Tsuto: “She would never! I sacrificed everything for her! I…”
Taru: “Like a lost little puppy.”
Tsuto pulls his hands from the bars and turns away
Taru: “Shouldn’t you be used to this?”
Tsuto shakes his head and laughs
Taru steps back, “…why are you laughing?”
Tsuto: “You’re quite dramatic, Taru. Here we are, two outcasts, each with something we believe in. Bastards, the both of us. How similar you are to her, but without her manners.”
Taru: “I-I’m nothing like her! F-for starters, I don’t worship Lamashtu, and I don’t want to… well, I don’t want to raid a town for no reason!”
Tsuto: “Yet I hear tell of your exploits. You are no saint, Bookworm.”
Taru: “I never said I was, but I never purposefully maimed myself to b-birth her servants! That’s despicable!”
Tsuto: He shudders, “She defaces her beauty to make herself a monster, to make herself look something like you.”
Taru: “I am not a monster.”
Tsuto: “That’s a matter of opinion.”
Taru: “It’s not…”
Tsuto: “How do your so-called friends see you? The druid, he seems quite fond to think you a monster, doesn’t he?”
Taru: “No…”
Tsuto: “And that holy roller… how often do you think he keeps his eye on you. Both of them, actually. What’s that they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?”
Taru: “T-they aren’t my friends, first of all, and… it isn’t like that…”
Tsuto: “Let me guess, the only one who genuinely likes you is the Aasimar, the one who only cares about you because she’s as dumb as a rock?”
Taru stares at the floor
Tsuto: “There is nothing here for you, Nothing. No one. All the townsfolk ever did to you before you became a ’hero” was ignore you. No one has done anything for you because they didn’t want to acknowledge your existence."
Taru: “That’s not true, I have the Old Light, and… and I have The Curious Goblin, and now there’s the Thassilonian ruins below the Glassworks! There’s a lot of research to be done!”
Tsuto: “The buildings of the long dead and fiction. That’s what you have. Have you ever lived in the real world?”
Taru: “Books are real! The ruins are, and… and there’s books about them…”
Tsuto: “Face it, you hide from reality just like you hide yourself under those garments of yours, hoping no one will notice the horns or the tail or look at your face long enough to see your terrifying eyes.”
Taru: “T-t-terrifying…?”
Tsuto: “Just like hers… you could take charge of yourself. Stop hiding, and people will fear you, respect you!”
Taru: “I… I-I don’t, I’m not hiding…”
Tsuto: “Then prove it.”
Taru reaches for her hood, hesitating
Tsuto watches intently
Tsuto gives a quick nod
Taru digs her nails into the fabric, and begins to tremble
Tsuto: “Do not fear yourself… Taru”
Taru: “Y-you need to stop talking.”
Tsuto waits silently to see what she does
Taru stands there in silence, still quivering, still clutching her hood
Tsuto grips onto the bars, his arms starting to shake as well
Taru slowly begins to lift her hood
Tsuto’s eyes widen
Taru yanks it down over her face, “Sh-shut up! Shut up shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” then runs out the jail, stumbling back to the Rusty Dragon where she locks herself in her room for the rest of the night



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