Ameiko Kaijitsu

Owner of the Rusty Dragon


Ameiko Kaijitsu is the owner of the Rusty Dragon. Some bad blood exists between Ameiko and Cyrdak, and one never seems to miss a chance to badmouth the other, but no one in town really understands the reason behind their rivalry. Of greater concern to Ameiko is her long-running feud wiht her family—leaving town to become an adventurer scandalized her family enough. But when she retired from adventuring a year later after a disastrous mission, she returned to Sandpoint and bought and renovated the Rusty Dragon—an act that only further scandalized and shamed her famther. Ameiko claims not to care about her father’s opinions of her choices, but becomes evasive when anyone asks her why she gave up the adventuring life. Some believe she has a secret lover in town, perhaps Arken Charron, with whom she has a close friendship, while others theorize that something happened on her last adventure that took the bravery out of her.

She attended the Swallowtail Festival, where she tried Aesrick Battlehorn’s balance beam, but fared worse than Rivkah and Taru Lahti, despite her greater experience.

After the Boar Hunt, the Rusty Dragon was tresspassed byLonjiko Kaijitsu, who threatned Ameiko to come with him to Magnimar or risk being out of the inheritance. She refused, and he cut her off with foul words, leaving her to nearly secretly break down. Though she had a talk with Arken afterwards, where she revealed to her that she was glad to have someone who remained stable in her life.

She disappeared later that evening, after receiving a letter from Tsuto telling her to come to her family’s glassworks in order to discuss her father’s involvement in the goblin raid. He asked her to join him in his revenge mission against the town, but she refused, striking him for even thinking such a thing. He sent his goblins after her and she was beaten and locked in the basement. Luckily, Arken and the rest of the heroes of Sandpoint were able to rescue her.

She remained in her room to recover after discovering her father’s remains and was comforted once again by Arken, only to have to become Arken’s comfort after Arken became traumatized after killing Nualia.


Ameiko Kaijitsu

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