Ilsoari Gandethus

Headmaster of the Turandarok Academy


Ilsoari Gandethus is the headmaster of the Turandarok Academy, partially a school and partially an orphanage. He volunteered to be the academy’s headmaster if he could have the basement of the two-story building to himself. The town agreed, and today, the roms below the Academy are almost a museum of the strange things and trophies Ilsoari has collected over the years. He keeps these chambers locked, but the children who attend class on the ground floor and the orphans who live on the upper floor have countless stories about what’s down there, ranging from a goblin farm t a nest of phantom spiders to the Sandpoint Devil itself. He happily shows off his collection to anyone who asks nicely.

The Heroes of Sandpoint spoke to him about various orphans who may have a problem with Sandpoint. He gave them some names and bade them farewell.

Ilsoari Gandethus

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