Lamashtu is the mother and patroness of many misshapen and malformed creatures that crawl, slither, or flap on, above, or below the surface of Golarion.

Lamashtu was once a mighty demon lord. In ages past she was allied with Pazuzu, though the exact nature of their alliance is often disputed by scholars of demon lore. Some say they were lovers, others say siblings, or simply convenient allies. What is known for certain is that she lured the god Curchanus into her territory and beset him with swarms of demons and other monsters until he was weak enough for her to attack him. By defeating him, she ripped his godly domain over beasts from him, beginning an ancient vendetta with Curchanus’s protege Desna. This imbued the demoness with a small amount of his divine power.

Pazuzu was enraged by this shift in power and as she returned from that battle he betrayed and attacked her. He wounded her terribly, but her newfound divinity allowed her to survive. They have been mortal enemies since. Lamashtu’s vendetta against him is only equaled by Desna’s own vendetta against her.

It is claimed by many monstrous humanoid races that she was their first progenitor and creator.

Lamashtu, in a stance befitting her demonic origins, considers all other gods enemies. She is aware of Desna’s hatred of her, but treats it as beneath her notice. Despite this widespread animosity, she focuses her attentions on growing her cults and expanding their reach, as well as the birthing of new and hideous monstrosities. She has an odd view of Shelyn, whom Lamashtu would love to capture and twist into her own monstrous vision of beauty. Needless to say, the faithful of Shelyn find this an abhorrent and terrifying concept.

Lamashtu is not actively at war with other demon lords, with the sole exception of Pazuzu. She does have rivalries with some and is said to have others as her lovers (such as Baphomet).

Some of her most devoted followers scar their stomachs in order to prepare themselves to birth fiends in her name.

It appears that Nualia did such a ritual and was behind the attack on Sandpoint by the goblin hordes. With Erylium also working to attack sandpoint, it would appear the goddess has some hand in the plot and that a greater member of her clergy had led Nualia down her path.


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