God of Secrets


Norgorber is known as a deity of thievery and assassination, as well as a keeper of secrets. He is called the “Reaper of Reputation” by some, but he has more insidious titles among his other worshipers. He remains an enigma to most, and his true motives are unknown. Many of his own followers remain ignorant of his plans and designs. Norgorber is the only evil aligned god amongst the Ascended.

Norgorber’s past before he ascended into godhood through the Test of the Starstone in 1893 AR is unknown. His followers go to great lengths to keep it a secret. Some believe that if the origin of the god becomes known, the god himself will become undone.

Norgorber is depicted most frequently as an ordinary human male dressed in brown and black clothing, with his face either partially or completely obscured.

Norgorber attempts to stay neutral in dealings with other gods. Abadar, Cayden Cailean, Erastil, Iomadae, Sarenrae, and Torag view him with disdain and will have little to do with him. A deceptive deity, he has been known to aid those who do not support his ideals as long as the benefit is mutal to his own ends. Before his demise, Aroden disliked Norgorber in all his aspects, despite being indirectly responsible for his ascension. Father Skinsaw is allied with Achaekek, while Norgorber is generally welcoming to Gyronna and Sivanah. Unsurprisingly, other deities do not fully trust him due to his penchant for betrayal and sabotage.

Worshipers of Norgorber are considered cultists by nearly all inhabitants of the Inner Sea region. The cult is forbidden in almost every nation except Absalom, where it is tolerated. The cult is split into four parts, each one focusing on a specific aspect of Norgorber and paying little attention to others. His followers wear masks to identify themselves and as a symbol of their devotion to the god. Some worshipers wear different masks in order to signify different emotions or signals. The masks themeselves are often elaborate, with hinged jaws and colored lenses. there are cults dedicated to Norgorber in Galt, Nex, Osirion, the River Kingdoms, the Shackles, Taldor, and Varisia.

Norgorber’s worshipers come from all walks of life and all of them are termed Sons and Daughters of the Mask; many are clerics, rogues, bards, and assassins. Most followers of Norgorber will choose one of his Four Aspects to particularly worship. The most extreme are numbered among the murderous insane, who commit atrocities in his reverence. The followers of the cult of Father Skinsaw are known as the Skinsaw Men or the Skinsaw Cult. Spies and politically minded folk who worship him as the Reaper of Reputation consider him the deity of secret knowledge, such as the Ustalavic organization called the Anaphexia. Thieves revere the Gray Master. Assassins, alchemists, and herbalists follow Blackfingers. Norgorber’s ceremonial colors are black and brown. The cultists clothes usually follow modern fashions, in order to blend in wherever they are.

Halflings are embarrassed to admit that some of their race worship Norgorber: those that have turned to crime and those that are disenchanted with their normal role in life. There are enough such halflings that small halfling-only cults exist. Most halfling cultists favor the aspect of Norgorber known as the Gray Master, where the rare halfling inquisitors are found; others with a penchant for poison follow Blackfingers. Halflings following Father Skinsaw are as rare as they are mad. The halfling god Thamir Gixx is somehow linked with Norgorber.

Outwardly, the temples of Norgorber are more akin to a thieves’ or merchant’s guild than a religious site. Their true nature is usually hidden, transformed during the night to be obvious to the faithful. The temples are managed by a guildmaster with severeal underllings under a military or business like chain of command.

Seventeen short texts, at least, are associated with Norgorber, all of which have code names and are often disguised as unremarkable books. The anthology of Norgorber’s faith is entitled The Words Behind the Mask, though no two copies are likely to be the same or interpreted similarly.

On the 2nd and 3rd of Desnus, his followers celebrate Ascendance Night. There is also a more sinister ‘holiday’ that takes place sometime in the middle of winder. An innocent person is kidnapped and made a live sacrifice with the use of poison in celebration of Norgorber’s Ascension.

Norgorber’s herald is the Stabbing Beast, a gigantic black scorpion entity that also takes the form of a darkly armored humanoid with a scorpion-like tail. Other supernatural servants include Venomfist, a water elemental with poisonous powers, Secret Shade, a fiendish shadow that drains the essence of living beings, and Yellowtooth, a wererat rogue that has the power to transform into an entire swarm of rats.


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