Shayliss Vinder

Daughter of the General Store Owner


Shayliss Vinder is the daughter ofVen Vinder and the sister of Katrine Vinder. Though her father keeps an eye on her sister more, for her flings with the local lumber mill operator, Shayliss is actually the more promiscuous of the two.

She found The Sage, Ionor to her liking and tricked him to being alone with her in the basement of the general store. There she slept with him, but was caught by her father, who forced Ionor to marry her. She did not object at all, having been sufficiently pleased with the druid’s performance (and not wishing to face her father’s wrath).

Enamored with the prestige of being bethrothed to a hero, Shayliss gathered a not insignificant savings and bought for her husband-to-be a pearl of power for him as a wedding gift.

During the wedding, she became enamored with the forest and nature and told her husband that she may not be an adventurer, but would love to join him in his Druidic order.

Shayliss Vinder

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