Ven Vinder

Owner of the Sandpoint General Store


Ven Vinder owns and operates the Sandpoint General Store, the oldest and best-stocked general store in town. He sells a little bit of everything, including his wife’s pies. Ven even keeps a shocking supply of alcohol in his basement, although a customer has to ask to see the “wine cellar” before Ven’ll admit to his special stock. He has a particular fondness for bitter grog and rotgut imported from places as far as the Orc city of Urglin. His true prides, though, are his daughters, whom he dotes upon. Lately he’s been increasingly distracted by what he believes is a budding romance between his daughter Katrine and that no-good Harker from the lumber mill.

He discovered The Sage, Ionor sleeping with his daughter, and convinced the druid to take her as his wife.

Ven Vinder

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