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  • Abstalar Zantus

    The new high-priest of Sandpoint is [[:ezakien-tobyn-10 |Ezakien Tobyn's]] most accomplished student, a pleasant man named Abstalar Zantus. Himself a worshiper of Desna, Abstalar is very open about matters of faith and has slipped into the role of advisor …

  • Risa Magravi

    Risa Magravi operated Risa's Place for the first 30 years of Sandpoint's history, and even now that she's gone mostly blind in her old age and has left the day-to- day affairs of the job to her three children [[:besk-magravi-2 | Besk]], [[:lanalee-magravi …

  • Vodger Magravi

    Vodger is the son of[[:risa-magravi-2 | Risa Magravi]], and brother of [[:besk-magravi-2 | Besk Magravi]] and [[:lanalee-magravi-2 | Lanalee Magravi]]

  • Niska Mvashti

    Miska Mvashti was old even when [[Sandpoint | Sandpoint]] was founded decades ago. Madame Mvashti (as she prefers to be called) is a Varisian historian and seer, part of a long tradition of oracles in her family. As with many seers, the current age's …

  • Koya Mvashti

    Koya is the daughter of [[:niska-mvashti-3 | Madame Mvashti]], and a cleric of Desna. She cares for her elderly mother. She and [[:the-sage-ionor | The Sage, Ionor]] share a flirtatious relationship.

  • Jubrayl Vishki

    Jubrayl Vishki is a regular at the Fat Man's Feedbag. [[:belor-hemlock-25 | Sheriff Hemlock]] suspects that Jubrayl is the local Sczarni leader, and would like nothing more than to bring him in, but the Sczarni are experts at walking the line between …

  • Caizarlu Zerren

    Caizarlu Zerren was a necromancer living underneath Habe's Sanitorum. He apparently had a deal with [[:erin-habe | Erin Habe]] and funded the sanitorium while he worked on his experiments.

  • Zimandi Kaddren

    Zimandi Kaddren is the current head of House Kaddren, one of the founding (and most well-respected) families in families of the Varisian city of [[Magnimar | Magnimar]]. Educated at one of the most prestiius magical colleges in the Inner Sea region, she …

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