Rise of the Runelords (RPHaven)

One Out of Two Ain't Bad

Well, I have to say that I was worried when I first heard the squeaking coming from down in my basement. I knew that Katrine was one to enjoy fooling around, especially with that Banny Harker—oh how they annoy the neighbors with that mill business. so late into the night.

Don’t know much ‘bout this Ionor fellow, nor what my dear Shayliss sees in him. Maybe its just that he’s a real hero. I can remember my young days and admiring them ladies going in and out of town on some business or another, ayup.

I’m just worried he’d take her out on some wild adventure. I mean, if she decided to maybe move down the road in a log cabin or something, that wouldn’t be too bad, but attacking goblin fortresses or the like? That’s just not for my daughter, no sir!

But really, back to Katrine… that dang girl… I wish she’d get her head on straight. sometimes I wish I would just knock some sense into her, or that Harker… I’d like to get my hands around his throat if I ever catch him in a dark alley. Teach him to seduce my girl and turn her into a slut! Yeah, that’s right! Teach him good!

Oh but hey, I’m just happy Shayliss is happy. besides, ain’t often you get to see a real bona-fide druid thingie going on at night. Just hope they aren’t into orgies, we’re bringing Father Zantus along, and that just wouldn’t seem proper.



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