Titus Scarnetti

Leader of the Scarnetti Family


Titus Scarnetti is the head of the Scarnetti family that controls the Sandpointmills and lumber industry. Their control over the lumber the Valdemars need for their enterprises is not lost on the Scarnettis, and they use this fact as often as possible to leverage Valdemar support. The Scarnettis are easily Sandpoint’s most traditional family, who cling to old Chelis values that are, in many cases, outdated today.

Titus and the Scarnettis do not like Arken Charron for whatever reason, and have latched on to slandering her at any given moment. This was the basis of a rally Titus held decrying the Heroes of Sandpoint as Charlatans and con artists. When Rivkah, Garomm Davor, and the others called him out on it, he decided to hold back and focus his efforts on defending the town from possible attack.

Titus Scarnetti

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