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  • Risa Magravi

    Risa Magravi operated Risa's Place for the first 30 years of Sandpoint's history, and even now that she's gone mostly blind in her old age and has left the day-to- day affairs of the job to her three children [[:besk-magravi-2 | Besk]], [[:lanalee-magravi …

  • Vodger Magravi

    Vodger is the son of[[:risa-magravi-2 | Risa Magravi]], and brother of [[:besk-magravi-2 | Besk Magravi]] and [[:lanalee-magravi-2 | Lanalee Magravi]]

  • Jesk "Cracktooth" Berinni

    Jesk "Cracktooth" Berinni might look like a thug, but he's actually quite well read and possesses a scathing wit--nights when he takes the stage at his tavern to deliver his observations on the political situation in Magnimar are quite popular.

  • Jargie Quinn

    Jargie Quinn is a one-legged man who runs the popular Hagfish. There he challenges people to drink from the tank of his pet hagfish, Norah for the price of a silver and the prize of a name notched in the beam of the building and the pot from all previous …

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