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  • Veznutt Parooh

    When not here crafting copies of old maps, Veznutt can usually be found arguing over history with his best friend[[:ilsoari-gandethus-6 | Ilsoari]] at Turandarok Academy

  • Sabyl Sorn

    Sabyl Sorn tends the House of Blue Stones Monastary, her father, the founder, having passed away 7 years ago. A worshiper of lrori, the god of self-perfection and knowledge, Sabyl maintains a large collection of old books and scrolls in the basement …

  • Chask Haladan

    Chask Haladan has maintained his love affair with books for nearly 70 years and shows no sign of giving up anytime soon. His store, the Curious Goblin, is surprisingly complete, and while almost all of his wares are far too pricey for any of the locals to …

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