Timeline of Events

Age of Destiny
-3293 – -2293: Agreed Academic estimation of the Height of Thassilon

-1281: Taldor is founded by descendants of Lost Azlant and indigenous primitive humans.

Age of Enthronement
1 Aroden, the Last Azlanti, raises the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea and becomes a living god. Absalom is founded.

37: Taldor’s First Army of Exploration destroys the Goroth Lodge in the Verduran Forest and charts the Sellen River as far north as Sevenarches.

499: Taldor’s Second Army of Exploration pushes north beyond Lake Encarthan.

1520: Taldor’s Third Army of Exploration conquers the northern shore of the Inner Sea; Corentyn is founded.

1683: Taldor’s Fourth Army of Exploration maps and claims the lands that will one day become Andoren.

1893: Norgorber passes the Test of the Starstone, following Aroden’s path to divinity.

1975: Ulfen longships raid heavily along the west coast of Avistan and in the region now known as Cheliax.

2009: Taldor’s Fifth Army of Exploration expands throughout the River Kingdoms and brushes against the wilds of Iobaria.

2133: Taldor’s Seventh Army of Exploration pacifies the Isgeri tribe of Kellids inhabiting the valleys between the Menador and Five King Mountains, forming the protectorate of Isger to capitalize on trade from Druma and inner Avistan.

2361: Varisian Wanderers settle the region known today as Ustalav north of Lake Encarthan.

2632: The elves return en masse to Golarion via the Sovyrian Stone in Kyonin.

2765: In Absalom, Cayden Cailean drunkenly survives the Test of the Starstone.

2920: A violent earthquake rocks Qadira and Taldor, killing tens of thousands in both nations.

3007: Cheliax is founded as the western frontier of Taldor.

3616: In Tian Xia, the Perfect Swordswoman, Setuna Kua, leads the armies of the Minkai against the forces of the Teikoku Shogunate in the Battle of Eight Bridges. With the shogun’s forces routed, Minkai’s armies march upon the old capital and raze it.

3619: The Minkai Empire is established in Tian Xia. Kasai is named the new capital.

3832: Iomedae, heroine of the Shining Crusade, successfully attempt the Test of the Starstone and becomes Aroden’s Herald.

4081: Chelish King Aspex the Even-Tongued breaks from Taldor, claiming Andoran and the winged folk of the Devil’s Perch by diplomacy and Galt and Isger by force. The decade-long power grab becomes known as the Even-Tongued Conquest, and greatly undermines Taldan Influence throughout western Avistan

4091: End of the Even-tongued Conquest.

4137: Under the banner of the mad prince Haliad I, Cheliax unsuccessfully sieges Absalom for the first time. Gains in Garund, However, grant Cheliax complete control of the Arch of Aroden, cementing a naval supremacy that remains to this day.

4138: Cheliax establishes the colony of Sargava on Garund’s western coast.

4275: The Yellowtongue Sickness ravages Avistan.

4305: King Haliad III of Cheliax launches the Wars of Expansion to broaden the empire’s northern borders by claiming land in Multhune and Varisia. This struggle lasts more than a century and spans the reign of five Chelish monarcs, eventually becoming known as the Everwar.

4307: The Pathfinder Society is founded in Absalom.

4338: Nidal falls to Cheliax

4405: Chelish armies enter the Varisia region and drive the Shoanti people into the arid northern region, and settle the land with an eye toward “civilizing” the native Varisians. The region’s wealth of natural resources bolstered development in the area, and Varisia is now one of the most desirable destinations for settlers and explorers.

4407: Korvosa is founded as a trading magnate governed by a local monarchy.

4410: Cheliax cedes territorial ambitions in Varisia and Belkzen, officially ending the Everwar.

4507: The Chelish army at Korvosa forces the Shoanti barbarians to retreat to the Storval Plateau.

4576: The first Hellknight order, the Order of the Rack, is founded in Westcrown.

4584: Alcaydia Indros, a paladin of Aroden, leads an expedition into western Varisia and discovers the Irespan. Indros challenges and defeats the Vydrarch with the aid of his companions, the Wardens of the Eye.

4605: King Gaspodar of Cheliax prepares for the prohesied manifestation of Aroden, foretold to mark the Age of Glory.

Age of Lost Omens
4606: Aroden dies, leaving the Empire of Cheliax without a divine mandate. The Eye of Abendego forms off of Garund’s northwestern coast, drowning the nations of Lirgen and Yamasa. The Worldwound opens in the north, consuming the barbarian kingdom of Sarkoris. Storms wrack the Inner Sea region for several weeks. The Wardens of the Eye Temporarily disband and their leader, Alcaydian, has a crisis of faith. Aldern Foxglove returns to Foxglove Manor and begins restoration work on the house.

4608: Using the growing decadence and “influence of unwelcome natures” as ammunition, Alcaydian’s adventuring companions help the paladin find new faith in the empyreal lords. Disgusted with Korvosa and needing a new cause, Alcaydian leads thousands of equally frustrated pilgrims out of Korvosa and west to the Irespan to found Magnimar

4611: Wartle comes under Magnimarian control.

4619: Varnagan Draston-Meir becomes Magnimar’s second lord-mayor.

4623: Varnagan Draston-Meir orders the quarrying of the Irespan for raw materials to build monuments, among them the Arvensoar; this leads to disaster when monsters known as Shriezyx escape and eventual defeat. This lead to the ban on damaging the irespan.

Abadius 6th, 4624: Foxglove Manor is built by Vorel Foxglove. Construction is funded partially by the Brothers of the Seven, with the understanding that after 100 years, ownershp of the manor reverts to them.

4629: Galdurin Barmier founds the Twilight academy, giving rise to the town of Galduria.

4632: The province of Molthune declares its independence from Cheliax.

4640: Diabolists of the House of Thrune seize control of Cheliax, brutally ending 3 decades of vicious civial war. A dark shadow envelopes the empire.

4641: Nybor is founded.

4655: Birth of The Sage, Ionor.

4660: The Kaijitsus move to Magnimar, but leave the Amatatsu Seal and a portion of the extended family in Brinewall.

4666: Founding of Sandpoint

4671: Wolf’s Ear is Annexed by Magnimar

4680: Ionor’s first bi-annual visit to Sandpoint

4682: Queen Domina of Korsvosa gains the service of the Hellknight Order of the Nail. The Golemworks in Magnimar faces defamation at the hands of a mad golem maker.

4683: The Golemworks discovers a method to create powerful golems through stone mined from the Irespan. Birth of Taru Lahti.

4685: Birth of Rivkah and and Nualia

4686: Birth of Garomm Davor.

4687: Powerful storms wrack the Varisian Gulf. Convinced her family has died at sea, Anya Kaijitsu commits suicide. The Kaijitsu family leaves Magnimar to live in Sandpoint. Birth of Aldern Foxglove. Vorel’s Great-nephew, Traver Foxglove, and his family move into the manor

4688: Birth ofTsuto Kaijitsu, Arken Charron and Shayliss Vinder.

4689: Birth of Ameiko Kaijitsu and Tanaka Kanetsu

4693: The Distant community of Ravenmoor is officially annexed by Magnimar

4699: Ameiko starts to visit her brother at Turandarok Academy after learning of his existence.

4700: Taru arrives in Sandpoint, seeking to research ancient ruins.Haldmeer Grobaras becomes Lord-Mayor of Magnimar

4701: The Demented Artist Andosalu burns down his workshop and a whole block of buildings. This segment of Magnimar is henceforth known as “the Burn”. Nualia becomes with child, and subsequently loses it, falling into a coma.

4702: The Late Unpleasantness. The Chopper’s reign of terror and Nualia wakes from her coma and burns the church down in a divine mandate from her new goddess, Lamashtu.

4705: Ameiko leaves Sandpoint to become an adventurer after an argument with her brother.

4706: Ameiko returns to Sandpoint to attend her mother’s funeral and buys the Rusty Dragon

4707: Tanaka Kanetsu goes on a journey to Sandpoint.

Abadius 4707: Aldern meets Iesha; the two are married by the end of the week.

Sarenith 4707: Aldern murders Iesha and stows her body in the attic. Iesha rises as a revenant that night, but is unable to escape from the attic. Her periodic sobs and shrieks add a new layer to the rumors that the house is haunted. Aldern seeks help from the Brothers of the Seven to cover up the murder.

Arodus 4707: Aldern goes bankrupt after being blackmailed by the Brothers of the Seven. To pay off the remainder of his debts to the Brothers, he agrees to return to Foxglove Manor and collect diseased rats for them.

Sunday Rova 22, 4707: The Swallowtail Festival happens in Sandpoint. Before returning to Foxglove Manor, Aldern visits Sandpoint to steel his nerves. He attends the Swallowtail Festival. The party meets for the first time and fend off the goblin invasion. Tanaka Kanetsu arrives in Sandpoint after the fighting, as the only survivor of his traveling companions. Aldern becomes obsessed with Rivkah.

Moonday Rova 23, 4707: The Heroes of Sandpoint investigate the theft of the bones ofEzakien Tobyn. In the evening, they join in the production of “The Harpy’s Curse.”

Toilday, Rova 24, 4707: Aldern Foxglove takes the heroes to the Tickwood forest to hunt boar. Lonjiku Kaijitsu removes Ameiko’s inheritance. Ionor becomes engaged to Shayliss Vinder. Shalelu Andosana warns the Sheriff of the goblin alliance and the sheriff leaves town. Ameiko receives a letter from her estranged half-brother.

Wealday, Rova 25, 4707: Lonjiku Kaijitsu is murdered by his illegitimate son. Ameiko Kaijitsu disappears overnight. The Heroes of Sandpoint investigate the Sandpoint Glassworks, discovering Tsuto Kaijitsu is responsible for the kidnapping and murder, and a hidden cave system beneath they believe is a means for the goblins to enter the town for a second attack. Tanaka Kanetsu joins up with the Heroes of Sandpoint as they interrogate Tsuto and discover that Nualia was never properly identified after death.

Oathday, Rova 26, 4707: The Heroes of Sandpoint investigate the tunnels beneath the Glassworks, discovering an ancient structure of unknown purpose. The Caratyid Column inside follows them out and they work together to defeat it

Fireday, Rova 27, 4707: The Heroes of Sandpoint return to the catacombs to defeat the Quasit inside.

Starday, Rova 28, 4707: The Heroes of Sandpoint set off to Thistletop, but meet Titus Scarnetti setting up a rally against them in the town square. They argued with him, but eventually set off for Nettlewood where they encounter Gogmurt. They take him prisoner back to sandpoint and Taru “interrogates” Tsuto

Sunday, Rova 29, 4707: The Heroes of Sandpoint return to Thistletop with Gogmurt. Along the way, they see a leaf leshy mock battle, and run into a mysterious man and his alluring lady companion. Together, they are able to get audience with chief Ripnugget, who tried to kill them. During the fight, Gogmurt kills Ripnugget, and assumes control of the Thistletop goblins. He thanks the Heroes by guiding them to the lower levels so they could take care of the longshanks underneath, where they promptly meet Nualia and dispatch of her and keep the monster Malfeshnekor safely locked away for the time being.

Upon returning to Sandpoint, the heroes met withJustice Ironbriar and learned that Tsuto Kaijitsu would be tried for his crimes in Magnimar.

Aldern eventually returns to Foxglove Manor; he hears Iesha’s sobs in the attic above, but thinking that her body has long since been taken away by the Brothers of the Seven, assumes he’s imagining her ghost. His obsession with the PC grows as he toils day and night to dig through the caverns below. He enters the caverns, gathers samples of the fungus for Xenesha, and contracts ghoul fever.

Sunday, Lamashan 6, 4707 (Ascendance Day): Ionor marries Shayliss Vinder in a ritual in Mosswood. After the ceremony, the Sandpoint Devil flew across the sky to scare those celebrating the festivities.

Starday, Lamashan 11, 4707 The Skinsaw Man murders three con men and infects Grayst Sevilla with Ghoul fever, hoping to deliver a message to his beloved Rivkah.

Sunday, Lamashan 12, 4707 The heroes of sandpoint wake up to find that Katrine Vinder and Banny Harker were murdered. They are hired by Belor Hemlock to investigate the murder. They discover that some undead creature was killing people, carving the Sihedron rune into them. They eventually go to question the killer’s first victim at Habe’s Sanitorium, only to find out that Habe was running some necromantic racket there. Apparently a being known as the Skinsaw Man was responsible.

Moonday, Lamashan 13, 4707 The Heroes of Sandpoint wake up to find that “Scarecrows” have been attacking the farms to the south of Sandpoint. they then investigate Foxglove manor and defeat the Skinsaw Man, who turned otu to be Aldern Foxglove

Fireday, Lamashan 17, 4707 The heroes of sandpoint head to magnimar seeking out the one behind the Skinsaw Man’s action. They arrive at Foxglove townhouse and sleep there after facing some Faceless stalkers.

Abadius 6, 4724: Ownership of Foxglove Manor returns to the Brotherhood of the Seven

Timeline of Events

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